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Food Ingredients China 2016

National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) March 23-25, 2016
Bigger Platform Greater Show


FIC 2016 Highlights
· More than 10, 000 sqm Exhibiting floor space.
· Over 1,400 exhibitors with over 300 overseas companies.
· More than 90% of exhibitors are manufacturers.
· Exhibits cover 23 categories of food additives, 35 categories of food
ingredients and 14 categories of processing aids.
· Chinese top exported-oriented companies all attend.
· A series of academic conferences and technical seminars.


FIC 2015 Review
Exhibitors quantity:Over 1,4950 companies from 33 countries and regions
Exhibitors quality:90 % of exhibitors are manufacturers, covering all the
Chinese top export-oriented companies
Number of visitors: 43,190 from all over the world
Evaluation: 98。3% of visitors are satisfied with FIC2015
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